Thursday, July 17, 2008

Forever With you !!

Forever with you !!

I wish the Sun will never Rise,
In my Arms You'd stay all Night,
I can see Forever in your Eyes,
When i hold you close & tight.

I wish your Kisses will never end,
If just for a moment time stands Still,
Not only my Lover, But my Best Friend,
My most Treasured Dreams you Fulfill.

I wish that our hands will never part,
As you know you're Forever in my Heart,
Stay beside Me, I'll guide the Way,
The thought that starts and ends each day.

I wish that together we will grow old,
Nothing Makes me smile the way you do,
We'll be the greatest Fairy Tale ever told,
I promise my love will never be Untrue.
As i promise again there would be No one in this world Besides You.

I wish the Sun would never rise,
When we're Apart............ i Want to DIE,
i can see Forever in You're eyes,
& i Don't want to say Good-Bye.


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