Saturday, August 23, 2008

Secret Of Peter Answers The Peter Answers Computer Prank What is it?

The Peter Answers (or Computer Prank is a magical virus, pure and simple. It’s spread from host to host through word of mouth and has an incubation period limited only to a carrier’s access to a computer with internet connection.
How is it spread? It all starts with an initial carrier–some individual who knows the secret trick to this hypnotic prank. It works like magic, and if you knows it, you most definitely have the power–hypnotic power, psychic power. Once you know the magic, all you need to do is simply hop on a computer, zip to the Internet and go to

Once at the site, all you have to do to memorize your audience, is draw attention to the idea that there’s an entity within the Internet that can answer all of your questions. What happens next, is what reminds me of a David Blaine trick. Because it’s pure magic.

Pure genius.

In the first box, the keyboardist types in the petition:

“Peter, please answer the following:”

In the second box the typist enters whatever question they’d like–usually from the growing crowd.

“What is Karan's middle name?”

Upon hitting the return button, Peter, from his comfortable couch at, instantly answers the question. Correctly.

How does work? Subtle Mind Control.

Like I said, I’d already lost over half the room. Even if I’d ordered all computers shut down, they’d still be thinking about how to do the magic trick for the rest of the day. I’m not kidding. had a firm hold of people's minds, i personally was addicted to it as peter never answered me and answered only to my friend and i wasn’t letting go any time soon this kept on and on till 3 days . So I figured I might as well do a little research. With Google’s help, it didn’t take me long to figure it out. And once I did, I knew had met it’s match. As with any infectious illusion, the best way to vaccinate is to simply reveal the magic trick. There’s really nothing like a quick medicine of the truth. Sure, the David Blaine impostors will be furious at having their trick exposed. But being precise this causes manic-obsessive behavior whichs are the symptoms of the Peter Answers Computer Prank virus itself. The Magic Tricks Revealed

First, instead of typing in the petition box, “Peter, please answer the . . .” begin by instead typing: “.” That’s right. Simply type a period. What happens next is pure magical genius. Instead of seeing what you’d expect (a “.”) you see a “P”. Then type whatever the heck you want and the rest of the phrase “Peter, please answer the following” appears. As long as nobody pays any attention to where your fingers are actually landing the prank works slick. The trick to the prank is to here type in the answer to whatever question you are going to ask next. When you’re done just keep typing until the phrase is complete. Whenever you hit the “:” your cursor will jump to the next box–where you’ll type in the actual question. Hit return and bingo! Whatever you really typed into the petition box appears.
Now stop dilly dallying and get on over to the real Peter Answers web site and have some fun!
But Make sure you dont hurt someones feeling with lies as you know Truth Never Hides ........

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