Sunday, August 3, 2008

Breaking News

Breaking news has assumed a new meaning for Indian news channels. Gone are the days when a breaking news came once in six months. The time of the kargil wars has passed. The times of cats, dogs and bollywood stars has begun.

Breaking News # 1

This "breaking news" ponders on the eating habits of Rahul (I assume Gandhi) and how these habits will help make a better India. What if he was eating pork or beef now? I wonder what kind of response that would have invoked.

Breaking News # 2

This "breaking news" is probably to bring to notice the new civil rights movement started for cats by cats. Cats have played second fiddle to dogs for a long time now and it seems they want to show some assertiveness that they are not to be taken lightly.

Breaking News # 3

This "breaking news" takes us through details on how and when Amitabh caught influenza (the common cold) and what repurcussions it will have for the times to come. Will Bollywood ever be the same again?

Breaking News # 4

This "breaking news" takes the viewers through the long Odysseus' like journey of the commisioner's dog and how it finally made it's way back home. I am sure this one made housewives weep.

Sad, really sad is all I can say.......Not only is this kind of news "sold", it's also "bought"

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