Monday, May 19, 2008

Benefits Of Yoga

[ Page from my Diary ]

The first day at the Yoga center

Sidh & me went to yoga center some days back as there was a free trial .... was completely Happy, Excited , as I Went thinking , Yoga is meant to be a stress reliever , something which enhances powers of relaxation , Boosts physical strength, stamina and flexibility , increases concentration and self control , for tolerance to pain and mental clarity , It gives you peace of mind and a more positive outlook to life , for a sense of balance and internal harmony ...... but everything just changed
First of all i got up early morning, Troubled sidh so that i wont be late for Yoga ,then when i reach trainer delays for an hour as there were hardly any people , i mean NO ONE , .... he then started training me alone , so i was comfortable , as he started , my thinking about Yoga the immense benefits simply changed , i couldnt believe he made me do poses and postures , which no humans would do , first was some easy moves , then it became wild , wilder and no words to express furthur ,....... anyway i was sweating , trembling , shivering , but that A** wont stop even once , but kept saying [ loose , loose , flexible and his accent while counting numbers was so funny ] whenever he came to the number seven i start laughing , coz he says she-eh-van gosh, anyway suddenly another trainer joint us ... she was a lady must call AUNTIE [how unfortunate] she hold my hands my legs and made me stand in one hand or one leg , sleep like the devdas actresses , and postures no words to express ; I remember one pose its like a dog peeing , i just sat and said enough for today but trainers didnt give up he made me get up again and said last one , i was breatheless and then the auntie trainer said Relax , i simply sat down on the floor and closed my eye thinking which part of Earth have i reach , they are so Inhuman , so Brutal .. the word Rest was the best part of Yoga ..........

Even the Relaxation part was not like sitting calmly , infact he made me stretch my leg , my hands and made me touch my toe etc ... suddenly there was this another guy who joint us , AAHHHH the Embarassment level was SKY HIGH ' coz i didnt want to feel stupid in front of anyone, anyway we started again , i never knew what on earth was a " surya namaskar " but after doing it 29 times [ coz i took haults to relax , or it would be 31 probably] i very well understood what that word means .... its " SURYA NAMASKAR = WELCOMING THE PAIN AND STRESS ". the guy who was doing the yoga was shivering and sweating too , so i thought i was not the only one .... hahaha ... i couldnt stop laughing he was laughing at me and me at him hahaha ... the yoga went on an on for an hour ... i was killing my self so much coz i enrolled my name before Yoga began .... its the signature for Torture .............

Once i was done i just said thanxs wore my shades and left at once didnt even turn back , the comment from trainer was ' be more flexible ' , i was thinking of a YOYO that time , anyway i met SIdh and sat in the car , he just asked how was it ? , i wanted to say so much but just ended up saying SHUT UP ! . 'Coz i had no strength to even open my mouth + was hungry , so we ate a lot from a restaurant close by and left for work ..i took a shower there ........ slowly and gradually the pain was increasing [ it was like 10 elephants walked over me ] , somehow i completed the day at work and went home for a good sleep ..................

Please dont think Yoga is Bad after reading this at the end its everyones point of view , it is definetely Good, But You will never see me talking about Yoga ever again , i never received their call to join the Yoga classes ..... when they called i just hung up saying WRONG NUMBER hahaha

8-0 Karan ..................... XOXOXO

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