Thursday, November 13, 2008

Powerful Spell 1,2,3.

A man had been troubled by his inability to achieve an erection.

After visiting numerous doctors and not getting any help he decided to consult a witch doctor. The witch doctor threw some herbs in the fire,shook his rattle,and danced wildly.

When he was through he said,

'I have placed a powerful spell on you, but it will only work once a year. When you are ready just say...1,2,3, and you will get the largest erection that you have ever had. After your wife has been satisfied she simply has to say, 1,2,3 and it will be gone for one year.'

Later that night as the man lay in bed he said to his wife,'Watch this! 1,2,3!' His organ sprang to life, larger and stiffer than ever before.

His wife was amazed, she smiled and said,'That's great! But what did you say 1,2,3, for?

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